Saturday, January 22, 2011

6:32 a.m.

Last night may have been the coldest night so far this month, maybe even this winter; single digits at best and negative numbers with the windchill.  Jeff and Sam were at a Scout camp, sleeping in tents with a bunch of other Scouts.  That does not sound fun to me.  At all.  Sam had so many clothes on when they left yesterday that he looked like a marshmallow. 

I was feeling sorry for them as I climbed in my soft, warm bed late last night.  And then I couldn't sleep.  I woke up a dozen times because Miss Sadie-bug likes to sleep with me when daddy is away and she snores like a chainsaw.  Seriously.  I tried rolling her over or propping her up with another pillow to get her to stop.  No luck.  Finally, somewhere around three a.m., I slept. 

6:10 a.m. - Soren appears by my bed.  "Mom, I just want to snuggle for a bit."  I happily pull him in and look forward to more sleep.  But Soren wants to talk.  "I wonder if...", "Did you know...", Today I want to...."  After about 5 minutes he decides he wants to get his Saturday chores done so he can play.  He heads to the kitchen and I can hear him finding something for breakfast.  Thankfully, I drift off again.

6:32 a.m. -
Soren (cheerfully):  Mom, how long are you going to stay in bed?
Me (rather groggy):  What do you need, honey? 
Soren:  Well, I made you something.
Me:  What is it?
Soren:  It's a surprise.
Me (reluctantly):  I guess I'd better get up and see it.
Soren:  Nope.  You have to stay in bed.  I'll be right back.

Soren:  I made it all by myself.  One is for you and one is for Sadie.  Sorry about the goopy butter on one piece.

Sadie and I shared the piece without the goopy butter.  I've been up ever since.  ;)

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Aaron & Nancy said...

I can't believe they are out camping in this weather! I don't even want to go outside, let alone camp in it!