Monday, January 10, 2011

Meet Rose

This is Rose.  Isn't she beautiful?  She's an orphan in a small village in Kenya.  A friend of mine from Scotland, Yvonne, runs a charity with her Mom to help this village.  They have built schools and an orphanage.  Rose lives in the orphanage and we have the privilege of sponsoring her education.  It's pennies, really, compared to what things would cost here, but these kids are so grateful for the opportunity to attend school.

Yvonne and Maureen have done, and continue to do, amazing things for this village and are now reaching out to other parts of Africa.You can check out their website:  The charity is not recognized in the US -- so no tax benefits if that's what you're looking for -- but if you just want to contribute to an honest group who is doing a world of good, look no further.  They don't take "administrative fees" so every penny of your contribution will go to help educate, clothe, or feed these kids.  A worthy cause?  We think so!

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Melissa said...

She is very beautiful!