Saturday, May 7, 2011

Birthday List, cont.

Sadie has updated her birthday list

A couple of weeks ago, on the back of her previous list, she picked up right where she left off.  Translation:
"and Despicable Me. and 3 bags of peanut butter cups."

Today's addition (in red) is my favorite:
"and if you don't get me a dog I will cry until I get a dog."  

Looks like Sadie will be getting a box of Kleenex for her birthday!


Kristin and Jay said...

Oh come on mom....Why not add a dog to a life as wonderful as yours!

Dawn said...

I enjoyed looking at your blog, Missy! I love the way it reflects your personality and talents, such as creativity and organization. I enjoy your jokes. :) And it's a priceless record of/for your kids and family.

Anonymous said...

What... no dog???

Then get a cat. They are better anyway!!!