Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Feel Like I'm 20 Feet Tall

That's how tall Sadie thinks I am -- 20 feet!  And she thinks I weigh 20 pounds.

Here are the cute things I got this morning for Mother's Day:

Sadie's drawing of me.  She told me it looks just like me.
Translation:  My mom is the most wonderful mom in the world!  Her name is Melissa.  She is as pretty as me.  She is 40 years old.  She has blue eyes and brown hair.  She weighs 20 pounds and is 20 feet tall.  Her favorite food is chicken enchiladas.  I think my mom is funny when she tells jokes to me.  I know she is angry when I freak out and the other guys freak out like Sam.  I wouldn't trade my mom for chicken doodle soup.  I love my mom because she is nice to me and she is pretty and funny.  Happy Mother's Day.  Love, Sadie

This one melted my heart:  I love you Mom.  Happy Mother's Day, love Sadie Stowell.  I love you, mom.  I am sorry for freaking out.  I am trying to stop.  Please forgive me.  (Awwww...)  Sadie seriously spent hours on this card.  She worked on it every day.  Can you tell?  I mean, every square inch is colored with little people and hearts, not to mention the very colorful letters.  What a cutie!

Soren came up with all the rhymes for this poem himself.  So clever!
Sterling decorated this cute little purse.  See below for what's inside.

I thought this was so sweet of Spencer to do something completely on his own.  He's such a thoughtful boy.  He even gave me a candy bar to go with it!  (I especially like "If you feel like crap...") 

Jeff created a slideshow and this was the first slide.  It's good to know I am loved more than the Jimmer (barely).

I love my guys. It's been a good day!


Aaron & Nancy said...

Those are keepers! I love the poem by Spencer and I think she was off on your weight. I'd say you weigh more like 25 pounds! I had the kids make your little sour creams with Hershey kisses in Primary today for their mothers and they were a big hit!

missy said...

I'm so glad the sour creams went over well. I hope your Mother's Day was great. You are such a cute mom!

Karey said...

These are so cute. I'm glad you had a good mother's day. Mine was wonderful (except I am super sick!) but the family made it great and I even got to talk to my sweet missionary son.

missy said...

I'm sorry you're so sick, but how nice of your family to step up to the plate and make it a great day for you. Hooray for Mother's Day missionary phone calls! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice to know you are loved, huh?

Where's the rest of Jeff's slideshow???

Diane said...

Perfect post for a great mom. I love Jeff's gift idea.

rob said...

Apparently Jeff's reasons weren't approved for general audiences. A little too PG-13, perhaps?