Saturday, June 11, 2011


Jeff went out to light the grill for dinner tonight and found a little friend clinging to the side of the barbecue.  Spencer immediately dubbed her "Lily" and the kids played with her in the grass until dinner.  We periodically find toads in our yard, but this is the first time we've found a tree frog.  Great plans were made to keep her and she spent the dinner hour in an ice cream bucket on the kitchen counter.  We know frogs, which means we know about live crickets, heat lamps, and spraying down tanks several times a day.  We also know we're going on a 3 week vacation in about 3 weeks and we quickly realized that we aren't ready for a pet right now. 

The kids reluctantly agreed that we needed to let her go and Sadie decided her "garden" was the best place.  Lily clung to a leaf for a minute or two then nestled in under this plant (below) which sure looks like a better place to hang out than an old ice cream bucket! 

Bye, Lily.  Hopefully we'll see you around.

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