Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

Happy LEAP day!  We're celebrating with some froggy cupcakes for after school snack and our Young Women treat tonight. It's 60º out and a beautiful day. Hard to believe it's still February!

I don't know about you, but I'm happy to see February go. Not my favorite month...  Spring Break is in 10 days. Yippee!!!!!  I hope life is good in your little corner of the world. :)

(Cupcake idea found here.)


Lori said...

very cute leap frogs!

Dana Day said...

So cute and fun Missy!

Anonymous said...

Very cute!!!

What is the black eye ball, and how do you get it to stick on?

Aaron & Nancy said...

I thought about doing something fun, but that's as far as it went...just a thought. Those cupcakes are adorable!

missy said...

Thanks everyone. :) Mom, I cut a large marshmallow in half to make 2 circles and pressed a chocolate chip into each half for the eyes. The marshmallow is really sticky when it's cut so the chocolate chip stayed put for quite a while. I did have to fix a few of them by the time we went to the church tonight, though.