Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eternally Eight

My baby brother, Jeffrey, was born the summer after I graduated from high school. He was 5 when I got home from my mission. I moved 1700 miles away with my husband and new baby when Jeffrey was only 8. And so, naturally, that is where he is frozen in time.

In my mind, Jeffrey will be eight years old forever.

So how is it possible that he is getting married? If he is really as old as he says he is, that means I'm a whole lot older than I'd like to admit. Because I wasn't around to see Jeffrey grow up, it's hard to believe that he did. (Someone is going to comment that he never grew up. Rob? Anyone?)

But he graduated from Paramedic school, bought himself a house, and works for an ambulance company. Oh, and he fell in love. With Katie. And they are getting married. That doesn't sound like something an eight year old would do.

Congratulations Jeffrey and Katie! We're so happy for you two. :)

Here's to happily ever after!


rob said...

He never grew up.

(This coming from a guy who by your logic is eternally 13.) Doesn't that just sound awful? I can't imagine many things worse than eternally being a teenager. No offense, all you teenagers out there who read Missy's blog, but you're in a rough stage. Life gets better once the acne settles down...

Aaron & Nancy said...

This about sums up how I feel about my nieces and nephews and a few of my younger siblings. I feel like I have missed out on so much...sigh!

Anonymous said...

This post made me cry!!!

Nice job, Missy. You come up with some great posts.

Karey said...

Being the oldest child in a big family, I can relate to this. I left home when many of my siblings were "little kids" and they'll always be little kids to me.

Hope you were able to get conference. It was wonderful!