Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pay Dirt

After harvesting only two or three strawberries at a time for the past week or so, we were shocked when Jeff went out to pick berries yesterday and quickly realized that he would need a bigger bowl.

Spencer brought out the big colander and the three of us were like kids on Christmas morning as we discovered big, beautiful, perfectly ripe strawberries hiding in groups all throughout our small strawberry patch.

It was strawberry shortcake for dessert and plenty of berries for snacking. My favorite way to eat them is dipped in a mixture of equal parts brown sugar and sour cream (plain yogurt can be substituted for the sour cream). Oh so good!!

What we don't eat in the next day or two will be pureed for jam. In the meantime, there are more strawberries to come!

What a happy surprise!


cstowell said...


Lori said...

Y U M!!!!!!

Karey said...

Oh man! Those look so good I can almost taste them. Lucky you!