Sunday, June 24, 2012

Taking It Easy

After California Adventure on Thursday, as tired as we all were, we grabbed a quick meal and headed back to Nevada. We got in at 12:30am, just in time for Sam and Savannah to grab a few winks and a shower, pack up again, and meet the youth in my parent's stake at 4:00am for their Youth Conference.

While they were enjoying the Manti Pageant and other activities in Ephraim, Utah, the rest of us were taking it easy - swimming, visiting the splash park, watching the long-horned sheep that come down and graze at a nearby park, and feeding the fish at Lake Mead.

Jeff was in his element fixing things at my parent's house: installing a washer and dryer, fixing the oven, hooking up the DVD player, fixing a phone problem, etc. My parents joked that they should fly him out every six months. :)
The boys with long-horned sheep in background. I love Soren's scrunchy face!

It was a much needed break after long days of driving and Disneyland! And how are Sam and Savannah holding up? I worried we'd taken on too much with the Youth Conference right on top of everything else, but they came home happy, having made many new friends and both of them better for having gone. Hooray!!

Today the kids sang "Jesus Once Was a Little Child" in my parents ward with Savannah on the piano and Sam on the violin. So beautiful! It always makes me cry.

Goodbye, Nevada! We'll be in Utah this week!

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Lori said...

looks like you are having a great summer! fun that you got to see dave and tanya and kids.