Saturday, July 28, 2012

Doing The Thing They Could Not Do

I thought I'd spare you any pictures of stinky, sweaty, overheated boys. (I thought I'd spare me, too, so I didn't take any...)

The Cycling Merit Badge is a bear.

Training requirements include two 10-mile, two 15-mile, and two 25-mile bike rides - all of this in preparation for a 50-mile ride in 8 hours or less.

Jeff, Sam and Spencer decided to tackle the challenge. With their bikes finely tuned, every day or two they completed one of the lengths. This wouldn't be so bad except it's been so hot, as in SO HOT! With temperatures in the high 90's or into the hundreds, with humidity anywhere from 60-70%, they were leaving early in the morning so it wasn't so unbearable, except it still was.

One day they came home and Spencer was done. He was overheated and spent. He couldn't do it anymore. He vowed to never get on his bike again.

Fortunately, Spencer realized he can do hard things. He got back on his bike.

The 50-miler was this morning. Today was selected because the forecast was, mercifully, cooler. The boys left at 3:30am and were even cold for part of the ride. Jeff had to stop and help Sam warm up his hands a couple of times. Most of their ride was on country roads. They got to see a meteor shower and a llama farm. They reached their halfway point earlier than expected and made it home just after 9:00am. And they were smiling. :)

They've been asleep ever since!


hr said...

Sorry I missed all the fun! I never got my cycling merit badge... *grumbles*

Karey said...

What a great thing for them to do together. I'm impressed.