Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wicked: A Complicated Christmas Gift

The gift:  Tickets for our family to see Wicked at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis the day after Christmas.

The problem: A winter storm warning from 9:00pm Christmas night through 6:00pm the next day between here and St. Louis. The Forecast included white out conditions, blowing snow, and 6-9" of the white stuff. Poor traveling conditions. We live over two hours from St. Louis and worried we might not be able to get there if the storm was as bad as predicted.

The solution: Jeff called some friends he and the older kids met last summer who live 30 minutes from the Fox Theatre. They were happy to let us come and stay with them, on Christmas no less, so that we could avoid traveling in the storm and easily make it to the show the next day.

Our friends who saved the day. These guys sure know how to make you feel at home!

The end of the story: We had the best time! We loved spending time with our new friends - they really spoiled us with great company, good food and plenty of fun. We enjoyed Wicked and were inspired by the music and the message of the show. And... the storm missed us! It didn't snow, it didn't blow, and traveling conditions were perfect on our way home.

Can you tell that Savannah is excited?

The only snow we saw was on the ground when we arrived home. We only got an inch and Spencer used up a good portion of it on his cute little snowman that stands about 18" tall.

I'm so glad things turned out the way they did. It was a great two days we'll not soon forget.


Dana Day said...

I love Savannah's face. I have the same excitement about seeing Wicked. HAHA! Kevin actually gave me tickets for Christmas to see it in Dallas in April. We took our entire family to see it in SLC back in 2008 and we loved it. I am glad the snow did not hold you back! That would have been really awful. :( Such a cute family you have!

Kristin and Jay said...

So FUN for you all!

Lori said...

glad you had fun! i think the snow came to us and missed you guys! and now it is super cold. like 7 degrees! brrrrrrr. i hope it warms up soon. supposed to be cold again like this tomorrow.

cstowell said...

Sam, where is your coat? So glad you could enjoy Wicked!