Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Phone Call

"Good evening. Due to heavy snowfall, all district schools will be closed tomorrow, Monday, March 25th. Thank you!"

No, thank YOU! (Hooray!!)

Savannah took this from inside the van on our way home from church. It was a scary drive
with near whiteout conditions at times, but everything looks so pretty!

Our backyard after church today
The snow we've gotten so far is heavy and wet. Perfect packing snow! With even more snow in the forecast through the night, I'm sure there will be plenty of snow fun tomorrow. Can't wait!


Dana Day said...

That is so hard to even imagine sitting here looking out the window at the sunshine, blue skies and pool glistening. HAHA! Crazy how different climates are in the USA. :) Have a great Snow Day!

Lori said...

wow- you guys got a ton!where i lived it snowed about an inch on saturday.Spring is coming in like a lion for sure!Happy Snow day!

Karey said...

That looks so cold. It may be pretty but I've had enough of that kind of pretty this year. I'm ready for tulips and green hills and pale green buds and popcorn popping on the apricot tree.

cstowell said...

Looks too much like Rigby, but it is so beautiful...looking out from a warm house!