Monday, April 1, 2013

17 Years

Dear Sam,
How did you go from this--

 to this in the blink of an eye?
It's hard to believe you're 17! This year will be bittersweet - full of "lasts:" Our last summer together, our last Christmas, your last year of high school.... This time next year we'll probably know where you're going on your mission. It's happening way too fast!

I'm proud of you and the good things you do. I'm glad you're a good friend, a great violinist and vocalist, a funny actor. Thanks for being a great student. I know you'll be an amazing missionary. Let's make this your best year so far!

Happy Birthday, Sam!

I love you,


rob said...

I'm guessing he just wanted to get out of that sailor's getup as soon as possible...

Kristin and Jay said...

happy birthday sam!

Lori said...

sweet. he seems like a great kid!

cstowell said...

Missy, don't worry about the "lasts", there's going to be so many "firsts"!!!and it just gets better for everyone involved!!

Karey said...

Hope he had a great birthday. This time is so exciting and sad. My youngest turned 13 today. I don't even know how that happened and I'm struggling a bit.