Friday, July 5, 2013


Go Sam!
Sam and Savannah regret that they haven't participated in sports up to this point in their lives. If you ask me, music is a worthy pursuit and they have nothing to feel bad about. But they didn't ask me and they decided to go out for a sport this year. Savannah chose tennis. Sam opted for cross country. They have been attending their respective practices this summer and I'm impressed with their willingness to stick it out even when it's hard and even when they feel like they are the worst one on the team.

I'm particularly surprised amused impressed with Sam's choice. I mean, the cross country team's motto is something like, "Our sport is your sport's punishment." Seriously. Yuck. But that boy is like a steam engine. He has this uncanny ability to just keep pushing on and he's been consistently running 3, 4, or 6 miles at each practice without stopping.

His first race was 4 (miles) on the 4th and he ran it like a champ. Way to go Sam!

Sadie bravely hugs her sweaty post-race brother.


Kristin and Jay said...

Way to be courageous and step out of the comfort zone!

Karey said...

Good job to both of them. Love that picture after the race. Sometimes we have to hug our sweaty athletes.

Peggy said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Good job, Sam!

How is the tennis going for Savannnah?