Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another Driver in the Family

Only two days after the big birthday and Savannah was equipped to hit the streets, alone. If she was anxious to turn 16, getting her license was one big reason why. She's pretty happy!

One big perk of living in our little corner of the world is the DMV. It's not exactly the happening place it seems to be in other parts of the country. Yesterday morning, Jeff and Savannah left for the DMV just after it opened at 8:00 and they were home before 8:30, new license in hand. Yay!


Peggy said...

Another perk is your quiet country streets!

Congratulations Savannah!!! :)

Karey said...

Lucky you! We have to plan a couple of hours for any DMV visit.

Our Savannah has her permit. They're growing up.

(Can you believe how far behind I am on your blog? I'm pathetic!)