Friday, December 20, 2013

High School Chorus Concert

One thing the schools in my little corner of the world do well is music. The high school chorus instructor, Mrs. Sharp, is amazing. She puts in so much time for these kids and expects a lot out of them in return. (As a side note, she is also the chorus instructor for 5th and 6th grade which means she works with 5 of my kids this year!) Her students really step up to the plate and deliver some beautiful music under her direction. Here are just a few numbers from the recent high school chorus concert.

The first video is a song that the high school advanced chorus learned so they could perform with the college choir and orchestra at the University Christmas concert a couple of weeks ago. The solo was sung by Mrs. Sharp. She wanted her choir to sing it at their own concert as well so she divided up the solo into three parts and allowed the interested choir girls to audition. Savannah got the last solo which is pretty amazing. Her solo begins at the 4:50 mark.

The next video is the Chamber Choir singing The World For Christmas. Sam is a bass in the choir. There are actually about 16 or so voices in the choir, but Jeff focuses on one side pretty much the whole time because anytime he tried to zoom out, he just had a bunch of heads in the way. I think this is such a beautiful song.

This last song is Spencer singing tenor in a barbershop quartet. Fun stuff!

There were so many great songs from the concert. I wish I could just post them all!! :)


Tanya said...

Savannah's biggest fan, Christopher just watched her solo with me. He says she is her "best cousin." I love listening to your kids sing. Miss you all!

Dana Day said...

Savannah is incredible. Just beautiful.