Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy Valentine's Day! Here are just a few things I've loved about today...

1. Apparently it's a little horrifying getting attacked/kissed by your sister. Love that face!

2. I'm loving this cute little Minion Twinkie Sadie received from her classroom helper. Too cute!

3. Sadie came home with hearts stuck all over her face. She showed us this "doctor's note" describing her ailment:

4. Savannah posted this picture of her new pet rock on facebook this morning with this caption: "My little brother made me a pet rock so I won't be lonely on Valentine's day. Thanks, bud." Surprisingly, she's gotten more likes for this than for anything she's posted in the past. My favorite comment -- "You guys look great together!" Ha ha!!

Despite yet another snow storm this morning (enough already!!), it's been a great day!

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