Friday, May 16, 2014

My First Graduate

Sam is officially a High School Graduate!!! He has had a great Senior year and is very much liked and respected by his classmates and teachers. He was even singled out in one of the graduation speeches -- something about how "Sam Stowell has made kindness into a hobby." Way to go, Sam! We're so proud of you and glad that you have blazed such a promising trail for your brothers and sisters.

(Next year, when it's Savannah's turn to graduate, we'll be smart and take one big family picture...)

In this photo I can totally see why everyone says Sam is a mini Jeff!
One down, five to go. (No hurry!)


cstowell said...

Oh we love these happy photos!!! Great job Sam!!

Karey said...

Congratulations to Sam! Great pictures.

Lindz said...

What a great family!! HArd to believe you have a graduate!!! So fun! Congrats to Sam! Miss you guys!