Monday, September 15, 2014

Seventeen Years

Savannah out shopping with her girlfriends

This time next year, when Savannah is a big college student living far, far away, things are going to be pretty dull around here. It's hard to believe Savannah is seventeen years old today, but what a fun 17 years they've been!!

Savannah is very funny and pretty crazy. She sings like an angel and plays the piano like nobody's business. She loves hanging out with her girlfriends, but she's also quite satisfied to spend a quiet night at home. She loves stargazing and watching the sunset. She is in love with country music and says that almost every song she hears describes her life perfectly. Her life's ambition is to be a cowgirl, undoubtedly married to a handsome cowboy with a houseful of kids and a barn full of horses.

Savannah is beautiful inside and out. She includes others and makes everything fun. She does well in school, but can't wait to graduate! Savannah is trying to be patient with injuries that are making her cross country experience rather frustrating at times, but wishes she'd run all four years of high school. She loves her extended family and out west is her favorite place to be.

Savannah and her BFF, Bekah

Happy Birthday, Savannah! I hope seventeen is your best year so far!

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