Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Last Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Savannah's Senior Picture
I just realized that this is probably our last Thanksgiving with Savannah for a very long time. She's hoping to be at BYU next fall. Living so far away, we'll be lucky to have her home for Christmas, but Thanksgiving isn't likely. She's planning to be on a mission by Thanksgiving the following year and then it's more college to follow.

Fortunately, college and missions are both things to be thankful for so we'll choose gratitude for the good things she's planning for her future and try not to dwell on how much we'll miss her.

And we'll just enjoy having her here this year. Life is good!


Karey said...

Cute picture of your Savannah. The whole growing up and moving on with their lives thing is rough, isn't it? This will be our first Christmas with everyone home since 2010. I guess we just have to be grateful for what we get from here on out.

Lori said...

she will be amazing!

cstowell said...

Would Savannah feel better if I told her Tuesday I made decadent chocolate brownies for Pack Mtg. I even put foil in the bottom of the pan to make i easier to get the brownies out....and ended up literally scraping them out one by one....They were more like fudge....but the Cubs loved them!! Thank goodness I am already married!!

missy said...

Carol, While I'm guessing your comment was intended for this post -- -- it's good to know we're not the only ones who won't be posting our baking on Pinterest anytime soon! :)