Friday, November 7, 2014

Big Hero 6


We're not big moviegoers. We're usually content to wait for the DVD and then watch from the comfort of our living room.

But once in a while, we just can't wait. And once in a great while we can't even wait past opening night. (And when I say "we," I mean Soren. Soren has been anticipating the opening of Big Hero 6 since he saw the first trailer months ago.)

What we loved and learned:

  • You'll never think of fist bumps the same again. (ba-da-la-da-la)
  • Being a smart nerd is very cool. 
  • The trailers didn't give away too much. Plenty of surprises!
  • It didn't condone violence (though there are a few scary violent parts.)
  • Friends look out for each other.
  • Bad things happen when anger takes over.
  • Baymax is so lovable. 
  • Family is important.


    Five stars from us! 

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Aaron & Nancy said...

So glad to read your review. We don't go a lot either, but we're going next week for Bruce's birthday. Can't wait to see it!