Friday, May 15, 2015

Graduation Day

Today is the day! Savannah has been looking forward to graduation for a very long time. As excited as she's been, she sure bursts into tears a lot lately as the reality of it hits. School is a very social experience for Savannah and she's got some good friends that she's going to miss. BYU is far, far away from our little corner of the world.

Next week we'll be enjoying her Senior Recital and wishing just a little of that talent would rub off on us. It's sure going to be quiet around here next fall... 

Congratulations, Savannah! Now it's time to go set your little corner of the world on fire.


Lori said...

she will be amazing!!! Great adventures await her for sure. I loved attending BYU. for sure a weird time for your family though.

Aaron & Nancy said...

Two kids out of the nest? At least they are doing great things. Congratulations!