Thursday, December 31, 2015

Saying Goodbye

I'm sure I must have several posts with that title. I feel like we say goodbye a lot. We just said goodbye to Savannah - again - as she left for the airport to head back to BYU. :(

But this post isn't about Savannah. It's about our family doctor for the past 15+ years. Doctor Wochner is retiring. I've loved having a family doctor. He has delivered three of my babies. He's met us at the office more than once on a Sunday when I just knew my kids had strep throat or scarlet fever (they did). He's given physicals and mended owies. And he's listened! I've always loved his down to earth approach to medicine.

When my kids were small, they called him Dochner Wochner. Once, when Sadie was little and had a fear of the doctor and the dentist, we were driving to see Doctor Wochner and Sadie was FREAKING out all the way there. I think I even had to stop the car more than once to put her back in her carseat. I tried to calm her by saying, "The doctor is our friend." She screamed back, "No he's not! He's a MONSTER!" That was especially funny because Doctor Wochner is anything but. He's so gentle and is always joking around with the kids. We're all going to miss him and I just hope we never get sick again because no one can take his place!

He would always tell us we were one of his favorite families. :) Maybe he told everyone that, but he sure made us feel like we were his favorite and my kids all loved him.

At Doctor Wochner's retirement party
We're sad to see him go, but he's got some great things planned for retirement and we wish him all the best!

{I guess this will be my last post of the year so we're saying goodbye to 2015. It's been a great year!}

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