Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blessed and Happy...

I've been reading through the talks that were given during the last General Conference (October 2015) of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We always make it a priority to watch each session of Conference as a live stream every April and October, but I also make time to read each talk again before the next Conference. I'm just finishing up and have been really inspired by a couple of the addresses from the Sunday afternoon session.

Elder Von G. Keetch gave a talk entitled, "Blessed and Happy Are Those Who Keep the Commandments of God." I really enjoyed his perspective. So many people see the commandments as restrictions or things that keep us from really enjoying life. But Elder Keetch turns it around and shows us that the commandments are a generous gift from a loving Heavenly Father who "gives us divine direction, through His commands and loving guidance, so that we may avoid the dangers--so that we may set a course in our lives that is protected from spiritual predators and the gaping jaws of sin." I love that.

Here's a fun little video that was created for the youth of the church that illustrates a principle similar to one Elder Keetch shared in his talk.

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Peggy said...

Cute video! How could I show it in Primary Sharing Time???

I'll have to remind myself of the talk too. :)