Saturday, February 6, 2016

On Sale

We're loving the price of gas around here. It's been dropping fairly steadily over the past several weeks and months. I remember one summer when we were anticipating our annual trek to Utah and Idaho. We were watching gas prices pretty closely because they were so high. Our van gets all of about 12 mpg and gas was over $4/gallon. That gets pretty pricey when you're driving 1500 miles each way!

Tonight we were on our way home from Kung Fu Panda 3 (great show, by the way) and gas was $1.43!! The van was on empty so we pulled in. Jeff decided to add a car wash so the price of gas dropped to $1.33/gallon. For real.

As if that weren't enough, the price of milk has been dropping steadily as well. Just like fuel, we were rationing our milk intake several years ago when the price jumped to over $4/gallon. Yesterday I bought it for $1.55. Yes!! :) It sure helps the food and fuel budgets to have prices like that. 

Update on March 30: Gas prices fell a little more before they started climbing again, but they are still under $2. (Maybe around $1.85 right now.) But milk prices have continued to fall. It's only low at a couple of stores, but I paid $1.19 last week. For a GALLON! :) 

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Peggy said...

We got $1.65 in Herriman on our trip and thought that was good!