Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Candy Bomber

Sam is posing with one of my favorite people! I've blogged about Gail Halvorsen, a.k.a. The Candy Bomber, before. He provided so much hope to a war-torn Germany in the darkest days following World War II. I must admit that I'm a little bit jealous because Sam got to meet Mr. Halvorsen today at the BYU library and get this picture with him. Sam also walked away with a personally autographed picture.

I've posted the following video before. In it, Tom Brokaw tells The Candy Bomber's story which shows how a small act of generosity took off and ended up blessing countless lives. I'm a fan!


Peggy said...

Love it!!! I will show dad... and a recent convert to our church who was a recipient!!!

Kristin and Jay said...

That is really special! How fun for Sam!

cstowell said...

We also love the Candy Bomber. Sam, what a special experience.