Thursday, February 9, 2017

Boy Soprano

Three years ago, while in the sixth grade, Sterling sang a solo with the Eastern Symphony Orchestra. Usually he's sitting in the violin section with the orchestra, but his sweet voice was just right for the "boy soprano" solo. Something reminded me about this the other day and it took a few minutes to find it so I wanted to post it here for safekeeping. :)

Sterling is like a little angel with his innocent face and pure sound. He'd probably be embarrassed that I'm posting this because he was way more nervous than he expected so there were a few hiccups near the start. Overall, it was beautiful with the choir and orchestra. What a great opportunity for my sweet Sterling.

The video below is the entire symphony program that night. Forward to 52:50 to get to Sterling's part. It goes through 59:00.


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khum said...

I wish his mic had been louder; I could barely hear him. But what I heard sounded lovely. Kathy H.

cstowell said...

We remember, and it is so pure and sweet.