Wednesday, March 8, 2017

As You Wish

We were all pretty taken with Moana when we watched it as a family over Christmas break, but none as much as Sadie. She LOVED it! She has been talking about it ever since and has tried to be patient while waiting for the DVD release.

This morning she said to me, "Mom, if I came home from school and found Moana on my bed, I'd be so happy!"

I was planning to buy it anyway and I couldn't resist making Sadie's day. It's fun to make wishes come true.


Lori said...

so sweet! I bought The BFG. Loved that too.

missy said...

Yes, I loved The BFG! Such a lovable giant. :)

rob said...

That's all it takes? Okay, here goes: "If I found my future wife on my bed when I get home from work tomorrow I'd be so happy..."

missy said...

I'm happy to fulfill that wish if you're willing to let me pick her out! Seriously, you made me laugh so hard. :)