Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Saturday Phenomenon

Is this the face of innocence or what?  Okay, so this is Soren a few years ago, but he still has the face of an angel.

So what is it about school mornings that makes it practically impossible for him to get out of bed?  Monday through Friday, we plead, drag, coax, (sometimes yell), or resort to other creative tactics to get him up, dressed and fed in time to catch the bus.  Somehow we've managed about a 95% success rate in getting him out the door just in time.

Yet somehow, every Saturday/snow day/holiday, Soren appears by my bed at the crack of dawn fully dressed and ready for the day.  This morning it was 6:45am.  Sadie appeared shortly afterward and they both crawled in next to me and snuggled, giggled, and fought over who loves me best. (They really did.  Turns out they both really, really love me!)  

It reminds me of the poem Sick by Shel Silverstein about little Peggy Ann McKay who has every ailment you can imagine and so she can't possibly go to school...until she realizes it's Saturday and she's suddenly cured.

It's a good thing he's cute!!

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Tanya said...

Emma has a similar issue. She'd sleep until noon if she could. We are trying something new and it is TOTALLY working. We have a jar that I decorated. It is the yes/no jar. Every time Emma does what she is asked (we are focusing on 4 specific things: getting up and ready for school, homework, piano practice and going to bed when told) she gets a yes in the jar. I write yes on a slip of paper and a short description of what she did. Similarly if she doesn't do what she is asked she gets a no with a short description of what she didn't do on time. We usually tell her up to 2times (1st time and then a precision command). Then when she asks for something like a treat or to play with friends we just say "let's ask the jar." The jar is king and whatever it says goes. It only took Emma a few days to figure out that she needed to fill that jar up with yeses. Anyway, this turned into a long comment. P.S. I'm glad you are loved:)