Sunday, January 22, 2012


Tonight, my Seminary-aged kids attended a broadcast commemorating 100 years of Seminary. It started me thinking about my Seminary experience and how much it shaped me.  
High School wasn't exactly the best four years of my life. I was shy and awkward and naive and pretty nerdy. But at the end of my junior year, I was called, along with 16 others, to serve on the Seminary Council the following year. It changed my life.
That year is still one of my favorite memories. It's been forever (1988), and I haven't seen most of the council for ages, but we formed the kind of friendships that can pass the test of time. I am confident that if I were to cross paths with any of them, we could pick up where we left off and have the years melt away.
I spent some time looking through photos and watching crazy video commercials we made together. I laughed and my kids kept saying, "Is that you?" and the memories came flooding back. That was a great year. I loved Seminary!


Karey said...

You were adorable! And you had that great 80's hair going on.

I felt so bad we didn't get to go to that fireside. I'll have to watch for a rebroadcast. We were at my parent's house. Today was their farewell and a big family dinner. Nice day (except for falling on the ice.)

rob said...

I didn't know you were a part of the original seminary class!?!

cstowell said...

I thought we could peek in on this broadcast on BYUTV, but it apparently was a satellite broadcast. Darn! If your seminary kids would like to share with us their thoughts on Pres. Packer's address, we'd love to hear them! So glad you had the chance to serve in's blessed our grandchildren...