Monday, February 27, 2012


It all started with an anonymous call to 911 last Friday morning stating that someone might have a gun at the high school.  

The school went into lockdown and the police were brought in. Some classes followed the specified protocol and the students spent the next two hours sitting against the wall, away from the door, in the dark. Sam, in P.E. at the time, was herded with the rest of his class into a remote corner of the girls' locker room. Other classes were a little more laid back, but no one was allowed to leave their classroom. 

Some students passed the time by texting or updating their facebook pages. All lockers, students, and their belongings were searched. An automated phone message from the district office let parents know what was going on and asked us to please not call or go to the school. 

Nothing suspicious was found and it was over. They sent students to their regularly scheduled class just like any other ordinary day -- if you can call armed policemen roaming the halls ordinary.

Then another anonymous call to 911, this time from within the school, said that someone had been seen with a gun. The hallways were again off limits. It was during lunch and Savannah had left campus with a friend and they couldn't get back in. I gladly called and officially checked her out for the rest of the day. 

The person who made the phone call was found. They admitted to the earlier phone call as well. Another automated call to parents informed us that there was no threat.

I don't know why someone would do that, causing such inconvenience and fear among so many others. But I'm so thankful it ended the way it did. From what I'm seeing on the news this morning, some others aren't so lucky.


rob said...

Congratulations Sam! 1st time in the girls locker room! Woohoo!

Karey said...

After today, I'm sure you're feeling very blessed and relieved, but why? There are some crimes that are understandable if not excusable. But I'll never understand terrorism like that and vandalism. So pointless.

Glad you're all okay.