Thursday, May 17, 2012


Soren's lunchbox note on Tuesday
It's that time of year.

Sam and Savannah are cramming for finals.

Teachers are cramming as many field trips and big projects as possible into these last days of school.

Schools are cramming award presentations, talent shows and choir concerts into every available open space on the calendar.

We're cramming in music recitals, teacher appreciation gifts and service projects along with all the normal stuff that still needs to get done every day.

But after today, Sam and Savannah can breathe a big sigh of relief.

After tomorrow, Sterling's commitments are through.

After Tuesday we can officially put away all the school stuff and my table and floor will be folder/backpack/textbook/lunchbox free for a full three months!

Just don't ask me to cram in anything else in the mean time!

[Rob, I think we can fit you in! :)]


Karey said...

So jealous! Luckily we're not too far behind you. Bring on the summer!

Are you coming out this way this summer?

missy said...

Yes! Sam and Savannah are going to EFY the end of June so we'll be hanging out in your corner of the world for a week! :) I'll be in touch! Let's do lunch!!