Thursday, June 21, 2012

California Adventure

You should have seen Sadie yesterday. What a trooper! She took great pride in the fact that she was willing to go on any ride, hands in the air, smile on her face, and no screaming! Then she would happily point out that Katie and Savannah were not nearly so brave. Ha!

Sadie with Grandpa once she perked up. :)
Unfortunately, after her first ride today (Tower of Terror on which she was every bit as brave as yesterday), she started fading fast. Before long it was obvious she had a fever and didn't feel well at all. Still, she never complained. We got a stroller for her and she was able to sleep a little. After a few hours, I approached a woman with a baby and asked if, by any chance, she had some children's medication. Thankfully she did and forty-five minutes later Sadie was feeling much better. Yay!

Radiator Springs
We loved California Adventure. The new Cars ride lived up to the hype and was worth the wait. Fortunately, Jeff had gotten us all fast passes earlier in the day so our wait was only 45 min, not the 2.5 hours  for everyone else! We also loved Soarin' Over California, the Aladdin Musical, Tower of Terror (somehow this one struck me as funny and I laughed until I cried!), California Screamin' (I only liked this one when I was sitting in the back. The front was a different story...yikes!), Toy Story Mania (I got the highest score of the family. Woo hoo!!), and the Grizzly River Run (we were all drenched!).
Paradise Pier at California Adventure

Soren and Flik
A great day! 

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