Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Craft: Painting Shaving Cream

Sadie came up with this herself.

It started with a sign-up sheet for something like Fun With Sadie. Jeff signed up. Sadie came up with all kinds of fun crafts and activities for the two of them to do together. Tonight it was just Sadie and Jeff at home and Sadie's fun activity was to finger paint with shaving cream. But then she decided to take it one step further.

Here are the steps as she explained them to me:

     1. Put some shaving cream on a piece of wax paper.
     2. Smooth out the shaving cream.
     3. Draw a picture with your finger.
     4. With a paintbrush, very gently paint watercolors on the shaving cream.

Well done, Sadie bug! :)

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