Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I am so glad we decided to go to Idaho! It was fun, relaxing and beautiful. While I'm usually ready to head home after 2 weeks away, this year I'm not sure a month would have been long enough. It's been a great trip!

Some highlights from Idaho include:

Meeting Sawyer for the first time. What a cutie!

Cousins! Somehow I missed getting a picture of Benson (Sawyer's big brother), but his sisters Ana and Ruby sure brought a smile to Sadie's face! She has missed these girls!!
Ana and Sadie

Sadie, Ana and Ruby in Grandpa's '32 Chevy

Connecting with old friends. Savannah and Sam became friends with grandma and grandpa's next door neighbors last summer. While their reunion was brief, it was fun to reconnect!
Treon and Savannah

Sam learned how to drive Grandpa's '32 Chevy!
A few last minute instructions from Grandpa.

Off they go!

Rexburg! We visited one of Jeff's former colleagues, Samuel Clay, at BYU-Idaho. He showed us around and we spent a good 3+ hours on campus. We also got to see Miranda, a friend from Charleston who is currently attending BYU-I. We all enjoyed Nielsen's Frozen Custard so much at the end of our visit that we even went back for seconds!! Yum!
This is taken on a cute little porch in the middle of the beautiful gardens at BYU-I.

The Fourth of July in Menan. What fun! They have foot races for every age group along with gunny sack and wheelbarrow races and tug-of-war. We loved it all! We spent a good chunk of the day visiting the various vendors for cotton candy, corn dogs, indian tacos, snow cones and face painting. It was fun to just hang out with cousins and enjoy a small town celebration! Some of the family returned tonight for their fireworks show. Good times!
Sterling in the sack race

Beautiful summer evenings.  Between the full moon and the beautiful sunsets, the sky put on quite a show for us each evening as we sat on the deck and enjoyed the cooler temperatures. 

Jeff's parents recently received their mission call to serve in the Atlanta Georgia North Mission. They leave mid-month so it was fun to spend time with them before they go. They'll be stopping overnight in our little corner of the world on their way to Georgia so we'll get to see them again soon.

Not pictured (sadly): Boating at Ririe Reservoir. Jeff and I did some slalom skiing and Sam got up on two skis. We all took our turns on the tube and it was SO fun! With no wind and perfect temperatures, we had a great day on the water.

We're all packed up and ready to head for home. We hit the road first thing in the morning. Good night!


hr said...

I'm sure seeing Treon made Idaho the best week in Savannah's life! :)

Savannah:) said...

oh shush... EFY was the best week of my life, remember??

Karey said...

Looks like a fun time. I'm going to guess that Treon is the "friend?" They look cute.

Kristin and Jay said...

Wait...all these comments are about Treon....I think Sawyer is the boy you came to see in Idaho! cute pics, and your dream looks wonderful!