Thursday, July 26, 2012

Saying Goodbye

We met Tiffany when she was a graduate student in our little corner of the world a few years ago. We sort of adopted her. Then she met her husband here, graduated, got married, and moved 2 hours away. 

Tiffany just got her dream job in Utah so she and Greg are moving much further away. They came by today to say goodbye. We had a delicious Thai lunch from our mutually favorite restaurant and had a great time reminiscing old times. 

We wish you the best, Tiffany and Greg! Now go out and set your new little corner of the world on fire!

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Ranger Tiff said...

We did a good job taking a picture of ourselves! :) It was SO WONDERFUL to see you, and we will miss you very much. But we will indeed set our little corner of the world on fire!