Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day!

The kids headed back to school this morning. We experienced quite a range of emotions - from pure delight and anticipation to sheer terror - but we managed to get them all out the door and on their way with only a few tears. Here they are in the order they left the house this morning:
2nd grade. School couldn't come fast enough for my Sadie-bug!

Sam, the big Junior! 
 I forgot to take a picture of Sterling and Soren before we left the house. Thank heaven for camera phones!!
Sterling - 5th grade, Soren - 4th grade.
I'm glad these two are in the same school this year!

Spencer - 8th grade, Savannah - Sophomore! These two could have waited
forever for school to start. Not as happy as they look!
 And what am I going to do all day? Bon bons and television, of course! I've got a long list of projects and books to keep me plenty busy this year. Don't worry about me!

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Karey said...

Hope your kids are enjoying school. We're already facing our school challenges--but hopefully we'll get in the swing of things. Your kids are so cute and they look so nice.