Sunday, August 5, 2012

Seeing Yellow

My poor, pitiful lawn.
We're seeing a lot of yellow around here. I'm being generous by calling it yellow, but it's a lot closer to yellow than green. It is so dry. This midwestern drought is apparent everywhere I look. The corn, usually way over our heads by now, is shorter than I've ever seen it. And it's dead. It looks awful.

Our lawn is dead, too - completely yellow and brown. A stark contrast to earlier this year. Don't feel too sorry for my neighbors. Their lawn is dead, too. No one waters their lawn here, it simply costs too much.

But yellow is not so bad. Not when it comes in this variety:

Then check out these guys having their little gathering outside my dining room window. At one time we saw no less than 7 finches at the feeder. Sadie calls the red one a "redneck finch." Ha! But we get mostly the vibrant yellow goldfinches this year.  

They sure are a nice change from all the other yellow we've been seeing!

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Karey said...

Pretty birds but so sorry about your lawn. We had a pretty awful drought when we lived in Missouri when I was a teenager. So bad that the food for the cows all dried up and we started losing all the calves my dad had bought. It was awful. I hope you get some rain soon.