Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Field Trip to 1845

I met Sterling's class on a field trip back to the year 1845 yesterday. The girls were given a skirt to wear and then stayed inside a small cabin to make Johnnycake. The boys, however, donned their pioneer shirts and spent the morning mending fences. In the pouring rain. The sheep on this working farm were a little confused when they realized their escape route had been patched.

The boys were good sports, even when cold and soaking wet. I'm glad I tagged along. Here are a few grainy iPod pictures.

You can't really tell how wet these kids are, but in this picture they getting a break from the rain in a dry area between two barns. The volunteer, dressed in 1845 period clothing, is telling them about U.S. history during that era.

Sterling, before getting soaked by the rain!


Karey said...

Looks like a great day--rain and all.

cstowell said...

there is that SMILE again!!!