Friday, December 14, 2012

Easy Ornaments

I had a box of small colored ornaments that I bought 3-4 years ago for a project I never finished.

Determined to make use of them this year, I stole an idea from my friend, Marcia, and made the red ones into Santa's coat. So easy!! All it took was a small strip of black vinyl and a little gold buckle, also cut from vinyl, around the middle. The blue ones were just begging to be BYU ornaments so a simple Y was all that was needed.

Hooray for simplicity and using up what I had on hand. I love how they turned out. :)


Karey said...

Very cool. I'd like to do a whole tree in Y and U balls since I've got a child going to both.

Diane said...

love them. Ok, just caught up on your blog which always leaves me with this "oh how I miss the Stowell's" feeling. I sooo wish we lived closer.

Anonymous said...

Very Cute!