Monday, February 18, 2013

Missing Grandma

I've been thinking a lot about my Grandma Peterson lately. Just little things here and there will remind me of her and make me realize how much I miss her. She passed away in August 2008. I used to type up a little newsletter of sorts every week or two or three and e-mail it out to family. I always printed a copy and sent it to my grandma through the mail (I lived in Ohio or Illinois and she was in Utah). She loved those letters and kept every one of them. After she died and they were going through her things, they found a large shoebox stuffed full of all the letters I'd sent her over the years. It made me happy to know that hearing about my little family made her happy.

Miss you, Grandma!


Greta said...

I think about my grandparents frequently, too. When they each passed, I tried to get one thing from their home that I could use in mine. Not really a pretty trinket but something practical (pie pan, mixing bowl, etc). Now everytime I use one of the items, I tell a story about them so the kids have a sense of who they are and what they meant to me. Glad to know I'll see them again!

missy said...

Greta, I love that idea! Good to hear from you. Miss you guys!

Karey said...

Loved your post and loved Greta's comment. It's a beautiful thing when our hearts are bound to those who came before us. What a blessing to know of eternal families.

Peggy said...

I miss her and daddy too.

Thanks for your post... made me cry today.