Thursday, March 14, 2013

Howdy, Pardner!

Sometimes wishes come true.

Sterling has wanted to be a cowboy for as long as I can remember. He sometimes dresses the part, but he's never had a real cowboy hat and, boy howdy, has he wanted one!  Well, we're on Spring Break and spent a couple days in Georgia this week. Getting home from Georgia required us to pass right through Tennessee. Cowboy hats are pretty easy to come by in Tennessee.

Sterling is pretty happy about that.

Kinda looks like we're riding off into the sunset, doesn't it? 


Peggy said...

Handsome guy in his cowboy hat!!!

Peggy said...

Handsome guy in his cowboy hat!!!

Kristin and Jay said...

Oh! You need to move to Idaho and make all that boys dreams come true....and a few other kids probably too!

Lori said...

he looks great in the hat. and thanks for caring.

Jessica said...

I totally love this picture! :D