Sunday, April 28, 2013


Sam got all dressed up last night and headed off to Prom with the exchange students. He and Absa had a good time with Sam even participating in a dance-off. According to a few comments I've heard, the dance-off was highly entertaining and unexpected. (I think Sam is generally viewed as a pretty conservative and predictable guy. :)

Absa is with a great host family right now. She's doing very well on the girls' Soccer team. They are having an amazing season! She has long since overcome her homesickness and has learned to really love it here. She heads home mid-June and is already worried about how much she'll miss us all. I know we'll miss her when she's gone!

Lara from Turkey, Kalin from Bulgaria, Absa from Senegal, and Sam. :)
A good looking bunch!


Karey said...

What a global prom! Looks fun.

Kristin and Jay said...

looks fun!

cstowell said...

Sam you are one handsome guy!! having seen your dad on the dance floor we don't doubt the talent is in your genes!!