Saturday, June 8, 2013

Meet the Fiddler

                                 Sterling (the Fiddler), Golde and Tevye    (Photo credit: Ken Trevarthan)

Is that the cutest little Fiddler on the Roof you've ever seen? Yep, that's my Sterling up there on that roof.

Tonight is Sterling's sixth performance as the title character in Fiddler on the Roof with a professional theatre company in a little town about 30 miles from here. Nine more shows until the end of this little adventure. It's been a whirlwind with long rehearsals and lots of driving, but he's been surrounded by some of the kindest people and it's been a really good experience for him. I've been impressed with how quickly and efficiently they put this show together - only 2 weeks of rehearsals! We all went to the dress rehearsal on Tuesday night and loved, loved, LOVED the show! Oh, it was SO good!

I wish you could see it!


Lori said...

Great job with your fiddler. Love that play.

Karey said...

I love Fiddler on the Roof. Wish I could see it. Your kids are involved in so many great things. I know it keeps you busy but what a great kind of busy!

I hope your summer is going well. I especially hope it doesn't fly by too fast. For all of us! :)

cstowell said...

We love that Fiddler!!!

David Martin said...

The play (and Sterling) was fantastic. It is fortunate that our trip out there was timed perfectly to see the performance.

Peggy said...

I've been showing off Sterling's pic and the newspaper article... SOOOOO wish we could have seen the production.

Congratulations on being chosen for the part, Sterling. Are you glad or sad that it is over???