Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Special Day

What a great day! Sadie was baptized and confirmed this evening by her daddy. As the youngest, she's the last of our kids to be baptized and she's the first to have both sets of grandparents* at her baptism. :) Her grandmas said the prayers and her grandpas gave the talks. Sam and Savannah played a beautiful hymn medley on violin and piano. Everyone from my side of the family was there except for my youngest brother, Jeffrey and his wife Katie (we missed you guys!!) Jeff's youngest brother, Jay and his wife and four kids drove the 4 hours down from Idaho for the baptism then loaded up and drove the 4 hours home. Sadie was thrilled when her best cousin-friend Ana walked in the door!

It's been a beautiful day to remember!

*Jeff's parents finished their mission in Georgia last weekend. They came through our little corner of the world on their way home last Monday and we saw them again on Thursday when we stopped overnight in Colorado on our way here. My parents drove up from Nevada for the weekend. We're so glad it worked out for everyone to be here!

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