Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday, Baby Girl!

A big happy birthday to my Sadie-bug! She is growing up way too fast. As you can see, she's so much fun to have around and definitely keeps things exciting and unpredictable around here! Here are 8 things we love about our girl...
1. Sadie is funny. She loves to tell jokes and do silly dances.
2. She is a great worker. When she puts her mind to something, there is no stopping her. You should see this girl sweep the floor or wash the dishes. Go Sadie!
3. Sadie loves little kids. Since she's been unsuccessful in her pleas for a younger sister, she happily plays with the babies and toddlers at church. They love her and their mamas are always grateful for the help.
4. She is a daddy's girl through and through! If she ever has to make a choice between me and Jeff, Jeff wins every time. She adores her dad and loves to be his little sidekick.
5. Sadie is creative. She can entertain herself for hours playing with her Teddy or drawing or coloring or painting. She loves to play Legos with her brothers and she comes up with fun activities for the family.
6. She loves the outdoors. Savannah often complains that Sadie has the best tan. That's because Sadie spends a good chunk of her time outside. She likes camping, riding bikes, or jumping on the trampoline -preferably with the sprinklers on underneath!
7. Sadie is smart. She does very well in school and is a great little reader. Her mind is like a steel trap. She remembers everything. If you can't find something, ask Sadie. She'll know where it is.
8. Sadie is thoughtful. She loves to make cards and write letters. She's pretty perceptive and knows when others need a boost. She's a great little friend and I'm so glad she's my bug.

We can't imagine life without our sweet Sadie!

Happy Birthday, baby! I hope this is your best year so far!!

Sadie at her birthday party

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