Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Athletes

Sam and Savannah are in full swing with team practices after school. Savannah's first tennis match is tomorrow. She may or not play - this is her first week participating in practice after her sprained ankle - but this is only the beginning of a full 6 weeks of matches so I'm sure she'll get her turn. Sam's first cross country meet is next Tuesday. He's pretty nervous about it, but after hearing about his 5 and 6 mile runs in the muggy heat complete with uphill sprints, I'd say a nice 3.1 mile race sounds pretty tame.

Participation in sports is new territory for us and the time commitment is pretty steep, but they like being part of a team and are anxious to put their practice to the test.

Go team!

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Lynne said...

so happy they are enjoying their teams! Tues should be a lot more competitive, but K says S is doing great and we're looking forward to cheering them both on this season! We're also hoping to catch at least one girl's tennis match as well. Good luck to them both of your kids!! :)

cstowell said...

We applaud their commitment!! Go Stowells!!

Karey said...

Cute athletes. Savannah looks ready for a model shoot.