Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hummingbird Territory

I was cleaning out the storage room the other day and came across our hummingbird feeder. Even though it's pretty late in the season, I filled it up and put it outside. To my surprise, we had a hummingbird at the feeder the same day. Within a day or two we saw two birds there. This morning, the younger kids and I we were thoroughly entertained as we watched three hummingbirds try to stake their claim. One would proudly perch on top of the feeder holder and watch for the others. If they dared to come around, he promptly chased them away. Occasionally, one would make it to the feeder and grab a quick drink before being driven away. Once in a while the bully hummingbird wouldn't show and the other two could drink together in peace. There's plenty to go around, crazy birds!

Staking his claim.

Can you see the 2nd hummingbird on the other side of the feeder?


Peggy said...


Lori said...

i hear that hummingbirds are VERY territorial. Sounds like it is true.

Karey said...

I have a hummingbird feeder outside my back window and I love it! I've had up to three hummingbirds at once back there. Love watching them.