Friday, September 27, 2013

Just Reading

Soren, at age 2, enjoying a good book
Soren loves to read. He enjoys snuggling up with a good book and losing himself in the story.

Soren hates to write about his reading. He despises reading logs and school assignments based on what he reads. Just knowing there is a reading log waiting to be filled out sucks all the fun out of reading so reading becomes a chore and something to be ignored until it just can't be ignored any longer.

Being the mom, I try to encourage him. "It's not that bad," I say. "You worry about it longer than it takes to do it. Just do it and get it over with." But it's just not that easy for Soren. He stews and storms and procrastinates.

This week he took matters into his own hands. On Tuesday he showed me this note.

Dear Ms. Goodchild,
     I hate writing about my reading. It takes away the enjoyment of reading. I used to love to read, but now I don't. I will happily read 30 minutes without writing about it. In my mind, I look at what I'm going to do after my reading. Write. So, just to let you know about that.

When Soren says he'll happily read for 30 minutes with no writing, he's trying to make up for the 20 minute reading + writing that is currently assigned. He turned the note into Ms. Goodchild's basket on Wednesday.

On Thursday she talked with him about it. Their compromise: Soren doesn't have to fill in his reading log. He will read 30 minutes and then discuss what he read with Ms. Goodchild the next day. Soren is pleased. For the record, Soren is a great writer and has plenty of other writing opportunities in school. He loves to make up stories and has a great imagination. He just doesn't like writing about his reading. I think this is a win/win situation and I applaud Ms. Goodchild for being open minded enough to work with a determined little boy.


rob said...

Good thing he is in Ms. Goodchild's class and not Mrs. Badteacher's.

Karey said...

Good for Soren and good for Mrs. Goodchild. I'm impressed he took the initiative to solve the problem for himself.

Peggy said...

Cute, Rob!!!