Friday, September 13, 2013

Quail Eggs

One day at church, a cute little basket was perched atop the coat rack with a handwritten note that said something along the lines of:

Fresh Quail Eggs -- Help Yourself.

Honestly, we laughed a little when we saw it. Quail eggs? What exactly do you do with quail eggs? After talking to another member and learning that quail eggs are considered a delicacy in some parts of the world, a couple of my boys started feeling brave. We tracked down the man who brought them and asked if he had any tips. "Just use them like regular eggs," was his advice. So we brought a bag home. Aren't they cute? They are so little, not much bigger than a quarter. (The bowl in the photo is small - less than 4" in diameter - to give you an idea how small the eggs are.)

Spencer and Sterling tried them. Spencer said they are hard to crack. The shells fall off just fine, but the inner lining is tough and hard to get through. According to Sterling, they look and taste just like regular eggs, only smaller.

Kind of fun to try something new!

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Peggy said...

An EGG-stremely EGG-ceptional and EGG-cellent post!